Child Care Items for Rent

car seats, strollers, carriers | toys | high chairs | cribs | safety gates | bathing items | potty items

Can’t travel with your child’s high chair, crib, or stroller? We rent child care equipment in the Salt Lake City and Park City area to visitors and locals. Click on one of the categories below and call us. We will deliver the equipment to your Salt Lake City/Park City accommodations or residence. Cleaning and delivery fee will be added. $125.00 minimum charge.

Rentals for Bath TimeRent a bath tub for infants.

Rentals for Bed TimeRent items such as cribs, sheets, mobiles, bouncy chairs.

Rentals for Meal TimeRent high chairs and booster seats.

Rentals for Potty TimeRent toilet seats, potty chairs.

Safety Items for RentBaby monitors, bed rails, safety gates for rent.

Toy RentalsExersaucers, sleds, other age-appropriate toys.

Transportation RentalsRent items such as car seats, strollers, other carriers.